Wholesome Bites Monthly Subscription
Eating right has never been so easy!

I'm super excited to be able to bring you this monthly subscription! I've spent years experimenting with different eating and diet plans. Finding the right fit isn't always the easiest. Making a meal plan following the guidelines of any specific eating style is time consuming and sometimes overwhelming. So, I'm doing it for you! 

I'll be taking the knowledge I've gained from my own experience, studies, and nutrition certifications and putting them in one place for you to pull from. Read on to see what you'll get! 

  • Sample meal plans from different styles like: Paleo, Vegetarian, Mediterranean and more
  • Recipes 
  • Kid friendly and quick and easy healthy meals
  • Explanations of each eating style, including benefits
  • All my favorite tips and tricks, including where to find my must have kitchen appliances and accessories
  • Unlimited access
  • And so much more!
Bonus Content:
  • Meal plan template
  • Food and health tracker
  • Printable recipe cards to write your favorites down
  • A community of like minded people for added support
What this means for you...
You get to gain from my hard work! You'll be able to find a meal plan that works for you and your needs. You'll have the tools to be successful in getting your health and nutrition on the right track and keep it there! 

Choose from a monthly plan of $27 or a yearly plan of $250.  That's it and you're in!

There's no better time than now. So let's do this! Your health is waiting!

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