A few of my faves...

I have an ever-growing list of favorite personal development books. And I will forever be adding to the list. So I figured it was easier to keep a separate page for them. Just click the button below, or the pic to the left to access it. 

You'll also find a link to connect you to ThriftBooks there. They are my go-to! However I do suggest going for good condition at minimum. I go for very good condition and above when I can. You'll be disappointed if you go for acceptable condition. Just trust me on that one. 

Fabletics is a go-to for activewear! They have been a staple for me for a few years now. All the colors and designs, the best fit, and new outfit options every month!
Join their VIP program for $49.95 a month. You won't regret it, I promise!

I am not a girl who loves to shop. So Stich Fix is perfect for me! 
All I have to do is complete my style profile (sizes, style preferences, lifestyle, preferred price range) and a stylist goes to work for me. I have yet to be disappointed. In fact, I think I've kept every item sent to me, to date. 
Perfect for the office, lounging around the house, activewear, you name it! Stitch Fix has got you covered! 
You get your fixes as often as you like. A $20 styling fee applies, but no fear, that $20 goes toward whatever you choose to keep!

I just love all that Pura Vida stands for! 
I first found Pura Vida after vacationing in Costa Rica. I fell in love with the country and "Pura Vida" greeting for literally everything! I'm not sure how exactly I came across the company itself, but I immediately loved them. 
You can read their story on their site. You'll find that they are all about giving back. You get beautiful handmade bracelets (you'll find other jewelry on their site also), and in turn donate to an important cause. It's a win win!

*As an affiliate, I may receive a small commission when you purchase using my links. I promise, it doesn't cost you any extra, but it does help fund my site. :) 


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